Three reasons why you should use fake pee for drug test

fake pee for drug test

I have many reasons why fake pee for drug test is the best and easiest way, but in this article I will mention three reasons only. Please note there are so many ways to pass a drug test not just synthetic urine, but why would you risk your job with some stupid home remedies or low quality products? What is the point? You might can save 10-20 dollars, but thats it, would you lose your job just to save a few dollars?

Always think about this when you are shopping detox products. Check as many reviews as possible and go with the best one, even if its the most expensive. Would you use Sub Solution synthetic urine for your drug test which costs 75$ or some low quality crap like Magnum which is around 40$.

Risking your job or freedom to save 35$ sounds so stupid, but many people still fail because of this.

Why fake pee for drug test is the best choice

  1. It works: Yes it simple, because it does work. Everybody is looking for a solution to pass a drug test, and most method doesn’t work, or risky, using Synthetic urine for drug test is much safer than any other method.

If you keep it on the right temperature then there is no way to fail your test, of course you need to do some research and choose the best synthetic urine brand, do not go with the most advertised one, go with the best, highest quality one and check out as many synthetic urine reviews as possible.

2.Because its cheap: Yes, its cheap, the most expensive fake pee for drug test is 75$ which is a no brainer. Just imagine, you can get the job you want for only 75$, its nothing, you will make that much within a couple of hours, why would use choose anything else? There are other method such as detox pills , what are much more expensive and much more risky. Still many people choose this route.

A bottle of toxin rid detox pill for drug test can be over 190$ and still, you are not guaranteed to pass the test, no one can guarantees this because our body,metabolism,smoking habits are all different.

3.Its easily available: You can buy synthetic urine for drug test (or for sex plays) in any smoke shops, but what I recommend is to order online, its usually cheaper and more discreet. The best fake pee for drug test called: Sub Solution and its available online only, in smoke shops you can get Quick Fix and Monkey whizz what are good quality fake urine brands. If you have time and some extra money go with Sub Solution and do not experiment with something new or something cheap it doesn’t work the risk.

What if the test is supervised

drug detox drinksIf the urine test is supervised than using fake pee is not the best option, you still can do that, by using a synthetic urine belt called ” The incognito belt”, but its risky, honestly I can not recommend this method, they can check you randomly and you will be in very big trouble if you get caught.

What I suggest is using detox drinks for drug test such as Mega Clean, Rescue cleanse or Absolute detox, these are high quality detox drinks and in most cases they work.

You will need to drink the entire content of the bottle 1-2 hour before the test, refill it twice and urinate three times, to let toxins go out. It will give you 5 hours safe zone. After 5 hours THC will be present in your urine again.

If synthetic urine nor detox drinks are not an option for you and you want to be 100% clean then I suggest to check out some Toxin Rid reviews. These are high quality detox pills what you have to take for a week to get clean, you also need to change your lifestyle a bit. Eat healthy, do some sports and drink lots of water. This option is not cheap and it doesn’t guarantee to pass the test.


The Benefit of Legalizing Marijuana

legalize weed

When most people think about legalizing marijuana they envision a bunch of college kids laying around stoned and watching an old Cheech and Chong movie talking about how cool it would be.

The reality is that adults of all ages use it. The first issue some bring up when they discuss legalizing marijuana is the health risks of using. There are health risks due to the usage of course, but not any worse than other vices this country decided to make legal like alcohol, cigarettes, fast food and soda.

This is in no way a moral stance. The bottom line is that people will find a way to get it and why doesn’t the federal government realize it is a vice and not a hard narcotic and jump in there to legalize marijuana and reap the economic benefits in the form of taxes and regulation.

The tax structure in legalizing marijuana should be similar to the way they apply it to alcohol and cigarettes. In most places taxes make up more than 50% of the total cost of buying these two items. The base of people to realize this tax benefit is there with the utmost certainty. In a 2016 survey it was discovered that 40.3% of people ages 12 to 50+ have tried marijuana at least once.

That number climbs to over 50% in the 18 to 49 range. The number for regular users is considerably lower. Depending on the persons age and their frequency of using marijuana the number are anywhere from 1% to 12% which is still a lot of people. Of course it could be said that people are not always so honest in a survey like this because marijuana is illegal so the numbers could be higher.

One of the main arguments opponents of legalizing marijuana like to bring up is the fact that it is a gate way drug. In contrast statistics show that it is rare for marijuana to lead to the use of hard narcotics. There is also the economic burden to talk about in fighting the use of marijuana.

The cost of law enforcement and the price of housing all of the prisoners who are incarcerated due to marijuana related offenses is staggering and it all comes out of our tax money. Think if that whole cost went away and the government was actually making money in the form of tax revenue. Also if marijuana would be completely legalized then drug testing would stop and we wouldn’t have to use various detox drinks and nasty stuff like fake pee for drug test.

Nobody is talking about making it a free for all. After the tax is established there should be regulations and restrictions like those imposed on alcohol. Walking around on the streets buying it and using it whenever and wherever you want is not the aim here. Street marijuana would now become illegal and unnecessary.

There would be specific places to purchase it where identification would be required and the proprietor would have to be licensed and regulated. The use of this would be restricted to private property and tickets would be given to violations of this.

There would also be places of consumption set up like a local pub or bar. Again proof of age would be required and there would be controlled regulated usage within the establishment.

Like any other vice there are people for and against it. So forget the moral issue and if you don’t like it stay away from it.

Someone who doesn’t drink would not hang out in a bar all day. If it is taxed appropriately and regulated forcefully I really do not see a problem. It has worked in other countries. Hopefully one day the government will come to the same conclusions that so many other people have and realize the upside of legalizing marijuana.

Medical Marijuana to Stay in Industrial Zoning in Ferndale


Hopeful medical marijuana distributors in Ferndale suffered a setback on Sept. 12. The Ferndale City Council will not expand zoning into commercial districts, meaning downtown will still be off-limits.

Currently, distribution sites are limited to industrial zoning. It’s a $2,000 licensing fee to operate a medical marijuana distribution center.

There’s only one in town already, Clinical Relief, and it’s in a semi-commercial district under a grandfather clause.

Neighboring Royal Oak tabled medical marijuana until February 2017. As there are no provisions in the Michigan state law legalizing medical marijuana, zoning and regulations are left up to local authorities.

Why the Federal Government Won’t Legalize Marijuana


The fight for the legalization of marijuana, has been and continues to be a major struggle, even though many states have legalized the use for medicinal purposes. But there is still a catch to it, it is still illegal under Federal laws, and you can be prosecuted. You go figure. So why won’t the Federal government go along with the state laws or just simply legalize marijuana out right?

Marijuana’s medical benefits have been proven, there have been no medical proof that it causes health issues, and most importantly, it is worst for you than many things that are legal (Alcohol, cigarettes, gambling (casinos/lotteries), some prescription medication, etc). But yet, they wont legalize it. Why? Well it comes down to one simple thing, the almighty dollar. That’s right, because the amount of money that is made off of it while it is illegal, will be much higher than if it is legal. So you say they can tax it, well in comparison to what the government makes off it now, they will have to charge 3-4 times the amount of the street value that most stoners pay now. Here’s 3 reasons why.

1. Fines – The majority of marijuana convictions end up with the defendant getting a fine and possibly probation, that is unless you are caught with pounds or you’re a repeat offender. The fines that you are paying are to be considered for court fees and other fees, which our tax payer money is supposed to pay for, so it is basically 100% profit for them. They don’t have you incarcerated, your not under daily watch, or anything of the sort, so it isn’t costing them anything.

Even under the extreme circumstance that you are incarcerated for a marijuana conviction, the prisons get about $30,000-$60,000 per year for each inmate to house them (the amount depends on if it is a state or federal prisoner). Believe me, I was incarcerated for 1 ½ years, and that number doesn’t even come close to what they spend, Again, it’s mostly profit for them, that is taken from fines and tax payer money.

2. Courts, Judges, Prosecutors, Etc. – If marijuana is legalized, it will really affect the amount of cases or charges that are to go to court. In 2005, it was said that about 40% of drug arrests made, which was about 10% of all incarcerations. That’s not including the amount of marijuana convictions that got just fines or probation.

So that number would jump drastically. Now imagine, if the amount of court cases would decrease about 15%, and what would happen. A lot of these government workers would be out of jobs, and the government would lose millions upon millions in fines.

3. Almost Anyone Can Grow It – If it was legalized, even if the government placed a tax on it (which you know they would), people would simply grow it themselves (which will leave the governments pockets empty or close to it on what they would make off of marijuana). That’s because it isn’t a very hard plant to grow, it is basically like any other plant, it just needs to be taken care of properly.

I could see it now, almost every property will have a marijuana crop. What would they government do then? They don’t tax you for growing your own tomatoes, cucumbers, etc., if your not selling it. So it will just add up to more money that they would lose.

So all in all, the Federal Government simply makes to much money off of the illegalization of marijuana, and they definitely aren’t going to give that up. Everything else they say or use to justify the reasons they won’t legalize it, is just plain old lies.

But regardless the fact, there are a lot of pothead out there, and eventually they will have no choice. It might not be in this lifetime for most of us, but it will happen. We just have to wait for the government to figure out where they are going to make the up the difference in the amount of money they will lose.

Democratic Convention Should Be Safe Haven for Pot Smokers


A sector of the marijuana lobby has been targeting Denver politics for some time now, claiming that facts suggest that marijuana should be of lesser concern than alcohol in public policy.

With an item under consideration directing the police to make pot their last priority before the City Council, the group Citizens for a Safer Denver has volunteered to remove that item from consideration – if the city is declared a safe zone for possessing and smoking one ounce or less during the Democratic National Convention.

marijuana field
With a Denver referendum in 2005 resulting in legalization in the city called meaningless because of continuing statewide prohibitions, recent misfires in the pot lobby’s legislative strategy have been characterized as procedural errors by the local mainstream media as well.

The City of Denver does not appear to have a way to remove items submitted for consideration, although the group points out that courts are unlikely to force consideration of an item which neither side wants, and while the State of Colorado does have a mechanism to remove petitions, the City of Denver’s laws are simply silent on the matter.

With the loss of their bargaining chip, the group, in a press release at their site, characterized the legal opinion of the city as a means of avoiding dealing with the facts and adjusting public policy accordingly.

A recent strategy by marijuana lobbyists targeted Denver’s relationship with local alcohol giant Coors, claiming hypocrisy in the alcohol/marijuana distinction, since city sports and entertainment facilities have Coors Beer advertising and sponsorship. Now, with the Democratic National Convention coming to town, the group has turned their sights once more to limiting enforcement of drug laws if they can’t be repealed, in this case during the DNC.


It’s possible that suspending drug law enforcement during the national convention of the Democratic Party might send the wrong message about the city’s view of attendees’ needs. The city is also known for its “420” tolerance, and a likely solution which has been put forth is to put the issue to the voters once again, according to Westword’s website, now scheduled for November.

Recent polls by local media indicate that a significant portion of the city’s leaders are not unfamiliar with marijuana’s effects.

As the marijuana lobby continues to find ways to gain legislative acknowledgment of their facts about the drug, the Democratic National Convention is the latest city function targeted as a publicity vehicle in the apparent effort to force change, and once again, the voters of Denver are scheduled to make a democratic decision.

But till weed is still illegal and federal law doesn’t change, drug testing will remain the same in every states in the United states, so better if you prepare and learn how to pass a drug test.

Why I use synthetic urine instead of certo for drug test

synthetic piss

There are tons f articles and videos promoting the certo drug test method or as other says the sue jell method. Many passed his test with this method, but I belive many also failed. If you check youtube on how to pass a drug test 8 out of 10 will suggest the Certo method.

However if you check the same search term in google, you will see most people promotes synthetic urine. The answer for this is simple, these websites get some % of commission after every bottle of synthetic uine or detox product sold, but even if they promote it for money I stil say they are right. Synthetic urine works very well for drug test, much much beter than Certo. In this article I will tell you why I would choose synthetic urine for drug test over Sure jell.

The Certo Method direstcions – Why its so popular

There are some reasons why the certo drug test method became so popular, I belive the main reason because people are always looking for some home remedies, some secret methods instead of well known “mainstream ” ways.
The Certo drug test method also very cheap and super easy to buy the ingreidents. Sure jell is available in every single super market, just go to the closest wallmart and you will find it within a few minutes, beside Sure jell, the method requires 3 bottles ot water.

Its also super easy to use it. Just mix a bag of Certo with a bottle of water, shake it up, chug it down. Drink two more bottles and urinate twice before the test. Some says it will coat your kidney for up to 3 hours other says its good for the next 5 hours.

Using synthetic pee for drug test

Using synthetic urine or fake pee for drug test is also very easy. Make sure you use the best synthetic urine available, do not go with low quality ones like Magnum or P sure. They might be a bit more cheaper, but they do not contains the essential chemicals what are required in order to pass the urine analysis.

After you choosed the right synthetic urine brand, just heat it up to the right temperature which is 94-98, then cover the flask with heating pads to keep it warm, then smugle it in the testing room and submit the urine sample.
In most cases the test is unsupervised, which means no one going to stay with you in the room, its only supervised if its some serious test, like probation or something like that, for a simple job interview, its gonna be unsupervised.

Fake pee for drug test vs the certo method

synthetic pissI vouche for the fake pee method because its reliable, all you have to do is to choose a high quality synthetic urine like Quick fix and keep it on the right temperature, if you can do this you can be 100% sure that you passed the test.

I have never heard that someone failed with Quick fix, unless it was too warm or too cold.

Quick fix looks and even smells like real urine, it also has some foam on the top, Its really hard to spot that its synthetic urine.

However the Certo drug test method is quite risky, there are so many ways to fail.

It supposed to mask toxins in your system, but it depends on various factors:
How much do you smoke, how is your body type, your metabolism, your diet and the list is long, what works for other might won’t work for you, even if you follow the instructions carefully.

Certo drug test instructions, thats another problem, there are no exact instructions what you could follow. Every single video says slightly different instructions, which one to follow? I am pretty sure most of those guys on youtube haven’t even tried the method they just want to gain views. Or they heard it from their buddie’s buddy that it works.

I would never rely on it. When your job is on the line only the best and safest method is viable, which is using fake pee for drug test.

Get a list of positive effects given by the weeds

Weeds are also known as the cannabis which is truly very helpful for the safe and effective smoking habit of the humans, but we also know smoking weed is illegal in most states and even in states where marijuana was legalized drug testing still remained the same.

The weed is not only for your smoking behavior but it will also provide several numbers of the positive effects to the users. The below mentioned things are some of the positive effects of smoking weed in order to correct the different health conditions of the humans. They are,

•Appetite – A lot of people are foodie and they would often like to eat their favorite dishes and other snack items to have a great pleasure of eating. But due to the various reasons, they can’t eat much even their most favorite foods.

This is why everyone is highly suggested to make use of the weed or cannabis for your smoking habit. It will surely provide you the best benefit of increasing the appetite to eat more. There are several varieties of weeds currently available in the market with the blissful aromas and flavors.

As it releases the excessive dopamine component, it will definitely make you feel pleasure. This is why everyone loves to smoke weeds at all the times.

•Nutrients – Many nutritionists are suggesting their patients to take cannabis which is the vitamin weed to get several nutritional benefits. Since it contains the most powerful antioxidants, it is essentially used to reduce the environmental damage to the human cells.

There are so many environmental contaminants available to damage your skin and internal cells. In order to get rid of such oxidative damage, everyone should need to make use of the weeds which will provide you several nutrients. At the same time, it will cure various chronic health problems including neurological disorders, cancer, stress and many other issues caused by the harmful free radicals.