Three reasons why you should use fake pee for drug test

fake pee for drug test

I have many reasons why fake pee for drug test is the best and easiest way, but in this article I will mention three reasons only. Please note there are so many ways to pass a drug test not just synthetic urine, but why would you risk your job with some stupid home remedies or low quality products? What is the point? You might can save 10-20 dollars, but thats it, would you lose your job just to save a few dollars?

Always think about this when you are shopping detox products. Check as many reviews as possible and go with the best one, even if its the most expensive. Would you use Sub Solution synthetic urine for your drug test which costs 75$ or some low quality crap like Magnum which is around 40$.

Risking your job or freedom to save 35$ sounds so stupid, but many people still fail because of this.

Why fake pee for drug test is the best choice

  1. It works: Yes it simple, because it does work. Everybody is looking for a solution to pass a drug test, and most method doesn’t work, or risky, using Synthetic urine for drug test is much safer than any other method.

If you keep it on the right temperature then there is no way to fail your test, of course you need to do some research and choose the best synthetic urine brand, do not go with the most advertised one, go with the best, highest quality one and check out as many synthetic urine reviews as possible.

2.Because its cheap: Yes, its cheap, the most expensive fake pee for drug test is 75$ which is a no brainer. Just imagine, you can get the job you want for only 75$, its nothing, you will make that much within a couple of hours, why would use choose anything else? There are other method such as detox pills , what are much more expensive and much more risky. Still many people choose this route.

A bottle of toxin rid detox pill for drug test can be over 190$ and still, you are not guaranteed to pass the test, no one can guarantees this because our body,metabolism,smoking habits are all different.

3.Its easily available: You can buy synthetic urine for drug test (or for sex plays) in any smoke shops, but what I recommend is to order online, its usually cheaper and more discreet. The best fake pee for drug test called: Sub Solution and its available online only, in smoke shops you can get Quick Fix and Monkey whizz what are good quality fake urine brands. If you have time and some extra money go with Sub Solution and do not experiment with something new or something cheap it doesn’t work the risk.

What if the test is supervised

drug detox drinksIf the urine test is supervised than using fake pee is not the best option, you still can do that, by using a synthetic urine belt called ” The incognito belt”, but its risky, honestly I can not recommend this method, they can check you randomly and you will be in very big trouble if you get caught.

What I suggest is using detox drinks for drug test such as Mega Clean, Rescue cleanse or Absolute detox, these are high quality detox drinks and in most cases they work.

You will need to drink the entire content of the bottle 1-2 hour before the test, refill it twice and urinate three times, to let toxins go out. It will give you 5 hours safe zone. After 5 hours THC will be present in your urine again.

If synthetic urine nor detox drinks are not an option for you and you want to be 100% clean then I suggest to check out some Toxin Rid reviews. These are high quality detox pills what you have to take for a week to get clean, you also need to change your lifestyle a bit. Eat healthy, do some sports and drink lots of water. This option is not cheap and it doesn’t guarantee to pass the test.