Why I use synthetic urine instead of certo for drug test

synthetic piss

There are tons f articles and videos promoting the certo drug test method or as other says the sue jell method. Many passed his test with this method, but I belive many also failed. If you check youtube on how to pass a drug test 8 out of 10 will suggest the Certo method.

However if you check the same search term in google, you will see most people promotes synthetic urine. The answer for this is simple, these websites get some % of commission after every bottle of synthetic uine or detox product sold, but even if they promote it for money I stil say they are right. Synthetic urine works very well for drug test, much much beter than Certo. In this article I will tell you why I would choose synthetic urine for drug test over Sure jell.

The Certo Method direstcions – Why its so popular

There are some reasons why the certo drug test method became so popular, I belive the main reason because people are always looking for some home remedies, some secret methods instead of well known “mainstream ” ways.
The Certo drug test method also very cheap and super easy to buy the ingreidents. Sure jell is available in every single super market, just go to the closest wallmart and you will find it within a few minutes, beside Sure jell, the method requires 3 bottles ot water.

Its also super easy to use it. Just mix a bag of Certo with a bottle of water, shake it up, chug it down. Drink two more bottles and urinate twice before the test. Some says it will coat your kidney for up to 3 hours other says its good for the next 5 hours.

Using synthetic pee for drug test

Using synthetic urine or fake pee for drug test is also very easy. Make sure you use the best synthetic urine available, do not go with low quality ones like Magnum or P sure. They might be a bit more cheaper, but they do not contains the essential chemicals what are required in order to pass the urine analysis.

After you choosed the right synthetic urine brand, just heat it up to the right temperature which is 94-98, then cover the flask with heating pads to keep it warm, then smugle it in the testing room and submit the urine sample.
In most cases the test is unsupervised, which means no one going to stay with you in the room, its only supervised if its some serious test, like probation or something like that, for a simple job interview, its gonna be unsupervised.

Fake pee for drug test vs the certo method

synthetic pissI vouche for the fake pee method because its reliable, all you have to do is to choose a high quality synthetic urine like Quick fix and keep it on the right temperature, if you can do this you can be 100% sure that you passed the test.

I have never heard that someone failed with Quick fix, unless it was too warm or too cold.

Quick fix looks and even smells like real urine, it also has some foam on the top, Its really hard to spot that its synthetic urine.

However the Certo drug test method is quite risky, there are so many ways to fail.

It supposed to mask toxins in your system, but it depends on various factors:
How much do you smoke, how is your body type, your metabolism, your diet and the list is long, what works for other might won’t work for you, even if you follow the instructions carefully.

Certo drug test instructions, thats another problem, there are no exact instructions what you could follow. Every single video says slightly different instructions, which one to follow? I am pretty sure most of those guys on youtube haven’t even tried the method they just want to gain views. Or they heard it from their buddie’s buddy that it works.

I would never rely on it. When your job is on the line only the best and safest method is viable, which is using fake pee for drug test.